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Foster Homes Needed!

Some wonderful Golden Retrievers would like to live in a home while they are awaiting adoption and finding a forever home. To be a foster parent requires patience and a willingness to give time to a dog who is trying to figure out what is happening. In considering becoming a foster parent, be aware that dogs can be destructive and not always have the best manners. It is necessary to have a yard that can contain a dog as well as a bed and access to water at all times and to be included in the family. A crate can be provided, which may help during the adjustment period. Pets already in the home must be open to making new friends. Inland Empire Golden Retriever Rescue reimburses for food and pays all veterinarian bills. A successful foster home results in the dog leaving and going to an adoptive home. Yes, it can be hard to let them go to their new forever homes, but there is satisfaction that you have made a large contribution to helping that Golden become adoptable forever and then give another Golden the same chance.

For more information and inquires call the IEGRR number--509 443-1133.

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