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Inland Empire Golden Retriever Rescue

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Golden Retriever Rescue?
We are a group of volunteers that find unwanted, abused, and neglected Golden Retrievers and give them a chance to live in a loving home.

Where does IEGRR get Golden Retrievers?
Certainly we get Goldens from shelters that have received them. We also get them from families that must relinquish ownership due to personal hardship. In 1997 we received and placed over 25 Golden Retrievers from a raid on a local puppy mill.

How do I adopt a Golden Retriever?
First you contact IEGRR. Then if we have a dog in the program that we think is right for you, we will visit with you at your house. We will bring the dog to see how it gets along with you and your family and at the same time we will inspect the house to make sure it meets our criteria. If everything is ok, we will ask you to sign a contract outlining our requirements for adoption.

What should I know about Golden Retrievers?
They are part of the Sporting Group. Males weigh from 70 to 85 lbs. Females weigh from 55 to 70 lbs. Their long hair requires brushing and yes, they shed. Goldens are eager to please and they learn quickly. Training classes are fun for both the dog and handler

How long does a Golden Retriever live?
They can live up to 15 years, however 10 to 12 is average

Why does IEGRR charge a fee?
We charge $300.00 as a rule. This covers our medical and foster expenses. We make sure each dog is up to date on its shots and microchiped. Obviously we must feed and house each dog. The fee covers our expenses, although sometimes we end up putting out more than the fee.

What if I can�t keep my adopted Golden Retriever?
This is rare, but if it happens we require that the dog be surrendered back to the IEGRR. This is also part of our adoption contract.

Do you ever get puppies?
Usually not. Most dogs are at least 3 years old. But we do sometimes get dogs as young as 1 year. The only time we received puppies was after the raid on the Bergman Puppy Mill.

Are the dogs sterilized?
Yes. If dogs come to us intact, we always spay or neuter them prior to adoption. We believe that breeding dogs by other than reputable breeders just adds to the problems that lead to unwanted and neglected dogs.

Are Goldens good with kids?
Yes. Most Goldens are well tempered and love interacting with people. We do, however, encourage adoptive families to enroll in obedience training. Besides ensuring the dogs behavior, it is a great way to have fun with the dog.

Do you have to have a fenced yard to adopt a Golden Retriever?
Yes. Goldens are extremely friendly and some want to meet everyone in the neighborhood. Rescue dogs may have come from a home where they were not well treated and therefore, may have a tendency to wander. We are always willing to consider each situation individually, however.

What should I consider prior to adoption?
Size � some people don�t realize how large a Golden can get. The dogs need to be in an environment where they can run and play. Goldens require grooming and they shed their long hair all year. Any pet will cost money, you must consider the cost of shelter, food, vet bills, dog toys, and equipment.


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