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"We couldn't be any happier with our puppy and would like to thank you and your organization on the great work you do."

Inland Empire Golden Retriever Rescue

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Please contact the Rescue Line for the most up to date information on available dogs
(509) 443-1133


All people involved with Inland Empire Golden Retriever Rescue are volunteers.
They receive no money for their time spent taking care of Golden Retrievers.


Please CLICK HERE for the most recent available dogs.

Rosie - ADOPTED!



Toby - crossed over the Rainbow Bridge knowing he was loved.


Cierra - 11 years old

Baylee - 2 years old

Ranger - 4 years old

- 10 years old

Beans - 11 years old

Buddy - 1 year old

Willow - 6 years old

Honey 10 yrs old.

Nash - 7?


Beau - 6 years old

Toby - 3 years old

Comet - 1.5 years old


Sean - 10 years old

Sadie, 9 - 10 yrs old


Ginger - 7 years old

Lacy - 10 years old

Alex - 4 years old

Magnum - 11 years old

Oscar - 8 years old

Barney - 7 years old


Shyla - 6yrs old

Ginger - 11 yrs old.

Maple - 12 yrs old

Emily - 8-9 yrs old

Morgan 11 yrs - at the Rainbow Bridge but still in our hearts

Cassi - 7 years old


Lexy - 10 years old

Lucy - 10 years old

- 7 years old

- 7-8 years old

Charlie - 7 years old

Winchester - 11 months old

Walter - 2-3 years old

Diesel - 7 years old

Kipper - 6yrs old

Zoey - 4 years old

Bodie - 7 years old


Brody - 4 years old

Moose - 1.5 years old

Maggie - 3 years old


Amy - 6 years old, Maple - 2 years old - Bailey -12 years old

Libby - 11 years old


Max - 3 years old

Riley - 11 months old

Baby - 8 years old


10 years old




Many people have asked why the IEGRR has mostly older dogs on our web site. The answer is simple. We handle dogs of all ages, but younger dogs go very quickly. They are adopted by persons who have already submitted adoption applications and are waiting. If you are considering adopting a rescued golden retriever please don't be discouraged that you don't see young dogs on the web site. We encourage you to fill out and mail in an adoption application. The IEGRR does have a waiting list but it is relatively short compared to other golden rescues.


If you are interested in any of these dogs, or know of someone who is, please call the Rescue Line: (509) 443-1133
or contact the IEGRR Communications Coordinator,
Carol Tompson

If you would like to find a rescue group outside of the Spokane area, please
check Pet Finder at

If you would like to find a rescue group in Western Washington,
please contact Nancy at

Links to Spokane County Shelters

The local shelters listed above may have Golden mixes available for adoption.

For more information contact any of the IEGRR Members listed below

Carol Tompson -
Sherri Lynn -
Kyle Kinder - IngridKinder@comcast.netfoster home



Vet Clinics

  River City Animal Hospital Cheney Vet Clinic Pet Savers  



IEGRR is located in Spokane, WA

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