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"We couldn't be any happier with our puppy and would like to thank you and your organization on the great work you do."

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Here are some stories about the dogs we have placed

Thank you, from all of us at IEGRR,
to everyone who is supporting rescue; we couldn't have done it without you!!!


Happy Tales
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A call from Carol Thompson recently, prompted me to check the I.E.G.R.R. website which I hadn’t done for a while.  There I saw the letters from owners of rescued Goldens and read their stories and tributes to their beloved companions.  While my story isn’t much to tell, I would rather this be a sincere thank you letter to the older couple who placed their “Cinnamon II” with the I.E.G.R.R. in 2000 when they could no longer handle their dog’s size and strength.

My previous nine-year old Golden was put to sleep in September 2000 when the cancer in his pelvis became too much.  Within a month I started the search for another adult dog.  When I called on an ad in the Spokane paper I found out about the I.E.G.R.R., and met six-year old “Cinnamon II” at his foster home.  He was big (90 pounds), beautiful dark red coat and excited and happy.  I decided right then to adopt him and take him home to Wenatchee.

“Cinnamon II” became Ripley and he has had a good life and is still going strong at 12 years PLUS!  He learned to swim, loves the water and going for rides on my sailboard with me.  Rip enjoys camping and sleeping in the tent.  He never really did like playing with a tennis ball but loves to chew up his stuffed toys.  While he hates cats, he goes nuts over kids, loves laying in the snow and chasing his tail.  He’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever met and he loves to be loved.

So to the older couple who made the difficult decision to put their “Cinnamon II” up for adoption, I thank you for letting me bring him into my life.  He is at my side for our walks, in the back seat for our trips in the truck and hogging the bed during the cold winter nights.  While just a dog, he is my family and I love him dearly.  Thank you again for your precious gift.  He has had a full and happy life and I was so lucky to have found him.  Thank you.

Joan Broomell, East Wenatchee, WA



Hi. I adopted a golden  from your organization about 6 years ago named Buck.

Buck was when I met him a very thin but regal dog. He was a very large red golden with a big head and a heart of gold right from the first minute. He was a quiet and gentle lover to all. Most of all he was my buddy. He made sure that when I was blue he was right there giving me love and trying to cheer me up. When I was happy he was right there celebrating life with me. He was loyal beyond description. He loved sleeping on the kitchen table when I was gone. I would drive up and see him jump down as he saw my car. I never let on that I knew. He was a bed hog and made sure every night he had enough room to sprawl out and be comfortable. He touched the lives of everyone he met and people recognized his specialness immediately. Buck was all heart, soul, and love. Buck was the most gentle, sweet, loving dog I have every met. He came into my life and stayed the course by my side. The joy and happiness and companionship Buck brought into my life was priceless.

Buck about a year and a half ago started dropping weight. After many tests the vet found out his pancreas no longer functioned so he was suffering from Pancreatic Insuffiency. We tried all the treatments out there and spared no cost. While most dogs respond to the therapy Buck did not. He kept dropping weight and getting progressively weaker. Buck until the very last day lived his life with great dignity never letting his deteriorating condition stop him from being there for me. Buck passed away on May 11th at the age of about 8. His spirit will always live on in my heart and I have beautiful memories of this exceptional dog that came into my life for a short time.

I miss Buck more than I can tell you. I turn on anything that makes noise to try and drown out the silence of the absence of his presence. I wanted to share this with you and feel free to share this on your website if you would like. Buck was a Golden from God and as I mourn his loss I shall celebrate his spirit everyday in honor of him. I shall carry on with the elegance, spirit, heart, soul, loving that Buck so graciously and patiently taught me. To all those who never met my Buck or have a Buck of your own you all know how I feel. And to my sweet Buck who is now looking down on all of us wagging his tail of course: I love you big guy and I will carry your love and spirit with me in my heart. Love you Buck! Keep wagging that tail buddy!

Thanks to all of you that work with these goldens finding them good homes! I applaud your work and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my Buck.




I adopted Malea, a 2 year old Golden female, in late February 2006.  I was new to Spokane having just recently gone through a divorce and a move and decided I needed a canine companion to help me heal.   She is my constant companion and I tell everyone we rescued each other.  Because of her, I got out and walked at least twice every day, met my neighbors and their dogs and kids, and got back into hiking and backpacking.   Everyone who meets her (human, canine, feline or equine) gets along with her.  She is the happiest and most loving creature I have ever had the good fortune to encounter.   She was quite thin when I got her as she had just raised a litter of 13 puppies, but she has gained 15 pounds and grown back her beautiful fluffy coat.   We have had some wonderful adventures together already (she got bit by a rattlesnake while we were horseback riding and I had to carry her out on my horse) and I look forward to making many more memories.   I can't imagine life without her, nor would I want to!



Hi,  Our name is Amanda and Garick Wheaton. We adopted "Princess" last May. We changed her name to Abby. Attached is a picture of her in her new Doggles sun glasses. She has been a great addition to our family and we don't know how we ever lived without her. She is so easy going and the greatest dog ever. She enjoys going for her walks and runs and absolutely loves to go bye bye. She has put on a few pounds since we got her but we are working on that. Just wanted to drop a note and picture and let you know how she is doing! Keep up the great work you guys are the best.


Amanda and Garick Wheaton

P.S. Abby too!



Paddington was welcomed into IEGRR in October of 2001.  Paddington suffered a broken leg when he was just 3 months old.  When he came into foster, it was apparent that his bad leg didn't slow him down much.  He romped and played with his foster brothers and always smiled.  With much thought and consideration for Paddington's future health concerns, it was decided that his leg should be amputated.  The day after his surgery, he was up walking around as if nothing had even happened.  

IEGRR attended a Pet Adoption Festival at the Spokane Valley Mall in November 2001.   Paddington was shown on a local TV station and his new family drove to the mall to meet Paddington that very day.  IEGRR is happy to say, this family is now Paddington's family.  Here's what Paddington has brought to them and we can't thank them enough for providing such a wonderful home for him.

"Many of you who read this have already met Paddington.  You may not remember his name, but you may have seen this young Golden.  He had just had his left rear leg amputated when we met him.  The TV cameras that day panned a very busy scene at the Spokane Valley Mall.  In the middle of it all was a three-legged Golden Retriever.  We had to go see him.  We weren't looking for another dog, we already had one Golden, and he was doing just fine.  Then we met Paddington.  With staples and sutures securing the wound from his recently removed leg, Paddington was unsure of his footing on the tiles at the mall.  With hundreds of people milling around we decided to take him to a grassy area where it was quiet, but he needed to be carried.  His foster dad carried him out of the mall.  When it was time to go back inside, it was necessary for me to carry him.  After my wife guided my hands so I wouldn't hit his incision, I gently lifted him.  He was pure trust.  He didn't whimper, cry or squirm.  He just settled in for the ride back across the tiles.  He is a fairly large dog, but it was obvious from the start, most of his weight come from a huge Golden Retriever heart.  We knew then Paddington was meant to come home with us.  

Paddington is settling in nicely to our home and our routines. Each day he explores a new boundary with his abilities on three legs.  Tiles are no longer daunting, long staircases are less of an obstacle, running in the snow is just plain exhilarating.  Our other Golden is learning how to cope with a younger sibling and is dealing with not being a spoiled only child any more.  Every time we see a change in Paddington, there is a change in us.  He is building up the muscles, and balance he needs to maneuver on three legs, and the progress in phenomenal.  It's easy to forget he is missing a leg.  His spirit is pure Golden Retriever and so is his personality.  We truly feel we were drawn to the mall that day for a reason.  We already know we will give Paddington a good home, and we also know he will give us so much more in return."


Cody entered the IEGRR foster program in June of 2001.  His family was moving away and needed to find a new home for him.  He was certainly a treat to have in foster, and his favorite place to be was underneath the deck.  I'm sure the cool dirt and shade felt great due to the hot summer temperatures.  Cody's new family drove to Spokane to meet Cody, and it was love at first sight.  Cody then traveled to his new home.  Cody was featured in the local newspaper where he lives now, and his owners couldn't be more proud of their new family member.

Here's a bit of what the article in the newspaper said in regards to Cody:

The large Golden Retriever was stretched flat out, a ripe D'anjou pear upright between his front paws.  He bit into it neatly, from the stem end and down.  He nibbled the sweet fruit as the pet duck jabbed in to take a bite of its own.  Not only does Cody like to eat fruit, he picks his own--pears this fall, raspberries earlier this summer.  Cody loves veggies too.  He picked his own tomatoes in season.  He even picked and ate hot peppers----just once.  Cody loves country life and has proved to be a good farm worker.  He's helped with changing irrigation lines, and from his first weeks on the farm, Cody knew how to walk the line.  He's the perfect farmer's helper.  He's a pal to the ducks, the Duke and the Duchess, and to the cat.  His family absolutely loves him, and if they had known what a sweet dog he was before they truly got to know him once he had settled in, they would have named him "Happy."

Some of the other dogs we have rescued

Daisy Logan

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